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Live storytelling for mobile journalists

Anyone with a smartphone can do live broadcasts cheaply and easily from anywhere with an internet connection. Here are some tips for the types of stories to cover “live”.

Uploading a pre-recorded video to social media gives you full control over your content. You can avoid the problems that can ruin a live broadcast, like poor connectivity – which can take your broadcast off-air, or make the audio lag behind the footage. Guests and interviewees can also be late or not turn up at all, and it can be challenging to monitor and respond to your audience, especially if you’re working alone.

But if you have an idea for a broadcast that can directly involve the audience, or provides unique content your audience might not get a chance to see or experience otherwise, it’s worth going live.

Reasons for going live

  • Breaking news
  • Unique content for people who join your live broadcast, such as the chance to ask a question of a high-profile guest
  • Behind-the-scenes of a big story
  • Regular bulletin production without the cost of a TV studio

Reasons for pre-recording

  • Poor internet reception, as this can cause broadcast drop-outs and audio problems
  • Working solo, as it can be difficult to monitor recording at the same time as doing your interviews
  • No opportunity for the audience to get involved
  • Graphic or sensitive content including conflict zones and attacks

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