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Social media platforms are more than a place to post your stories. Did you know the mobile apps for these platforms also offer content production tools?

Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and others are places to share your stories. But some of those social platforms also offer in-app production tools to shoot and edit videos with your smartphone.

These tools typically compress your video, so we don’t recommend using them if you need to download your work to edit it later, especially for TV – but they’re useful for filing stories on the go quickly.

Creating multi-shot videos on Twitter

Open a Tweet, select the ‘Camera’ and then select the Video Camera icon.

Hold the record button down to create your first shot. You can then move the phone to record a different angle, and hold the button down again to record your second shot. To move your shots around, hold a finger on the shot you want to move and drag it to where you want it on your timeline.

If you are covering a fast-moving story or an event, you can save your Tweet as a draft and continue adding shots to it.

It is not possible to download your video later, so this method is only useful if you do not plan to use your video at a later stage.

Creating multi-shot videos on Instagram

Open a new Instagram post and select ‘Video’. Hold your finger down on the circle icon to record your first shot. Now, move the phone to a different angle, and hold your finger down on the circle icon to record a second shot.

This will create a multi-shot Instagram post. There is no option to edit or re-order your footage, so the options for using this feature are limited.

Instagram Stories

Instagram Stories are a method of sharing a single photo, or a series of photos, that display like a slideshow, in a vertical format. You can add text, art and stickers to each photo. Once shared, they are visible for 24 hours.

Instagram Stories can be shared with individuals, groups of people, and if you want to make it a permanent post, you can ‘Share as Post’ to add it to your Instagram profile. You can also link your Instagram and Facebook accounts so your Instagram Stories can easily be posted to Facebook.

Here’s a detailed tutorial from 9to5 Mac.

This excellent guide from CNET is a text-based guide to making Instagram Stories, including sharing them to Facebook. The guide is updated whenever new features like Type Mode get released.

One little-known feature of Instagram Stories is that you can save each clip with your captions and stickers to your camera roll without posting it. This makes the app a very useful took for creating vertical video clips which can be edited together later in an app like CuteCut, KineMaster or Luma Fusion.

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