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Mobile journalism reading resources

The Mobile Journalism Manual is a great starting point for your ‘mojo’ journey. Here are more resources to continue learning.

Online resources 

Primal Video is a Youtube channel run by Justin Brown, a film-maker and video producer based in Australia. He provides step-by-step guides to professional and consumer smartphone apps, and equipment reviews and tests. You can also follow Justin on Twitter.

Journalist’s Toolbox is a vast online resource for journalism in general. It has an excellent sub-section on mobile journalism which is regularly updated and includes links to websites, blogs, online guides and news stories.


BBC Academy: This education blog from the BBC covers all aspects of journalism.

SmartFilming: A blog by mobile journalist Florian Reichart. Florian’s ‘blog-roll‘ provides links to more than a dozen mobile journalism blogs around the world, many of which are in English.

Smartphone Film Pro: A blog managed by video journalist Neil Sheppard. One of the best sources of free information about apps, equipment and techniques.


The Mojo Handbook: Theory to Praxis, by Ivo Burum (Routledge, 2021), ISBN 9780367332624.

Mobile Storytelling: A journalist’s guide to the smartphone galaxy, by Wytse Vellinga and Björn Staschen (Kindle e-book, March 2018)

Mobiler Journalismus, by Björn Staschen (Springer, 2017), ISBN 978-3-658-11783-5, e-book ISBN 978-3-658-11783-5 (in German)

The Live-Streaming Handbook: How to create live video for social media on your phone and desktop, by Peter Stewart (Routledge, 2017), ISBN-13: 978-1138630055

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