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Check-list: Preparing for your shoot

The check-list below brings together all the tips from this Manual on preparing for a shoot.

First step: Think about visual storytelling

Before going to the shoot, think about what shots can be done by the phone and make your story interesting for the audience and unique.

What is best for the story live or pre-recorded?

Review our chapter about visual storytelling to get ideas and examples and check our filming tips on preparing for the shoot.

Uncertain about shooting live? Then this article should help you to decide.

Second step: Check your equipment

The basic equipment includes the following:

  • Cleaning cloth
  • Power bank / External power
  • Monopod / Tripod
  • Tripod mount
  • Clip Microphones
  • Headset
  • Extension cords

When recording two people at the same time think about:

  • Dual-head-clip-mic
  • Clip microphone dual adaptor

If you have, bring:

  • Grip
  • Gimbal
  • External lenses
  • External lights

Still wondering why you need all of this equipment? Then check out our article about the mojo’s kit bag and read about the function of each device.

Third step: Check your apps

Check whether you are shooting for a PAL or NTSC country. Remember this effects the settings in the app you plan to use.

Download all the apps you are going to use and practice with them before going to the field.

Do you need more information about how to use specific apps? Check our article about filming with external apps.

Still feeling you want to prepare more before going out? Then check out the filming tips on audio and lighting.

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