Check-list: Out in the field

The check-list below brings together all the tips in this Manual to keep in mind while shooting your story.

Don’t get disturbed

  • Switch your phone to airplane mode
  • Ask your interviewee to switch his/her phone to airplane mode

Set up your phone camera

  • Clean the lens
  • Use a tripod or monopod to stabilise your phone
  • Check the settings of your filming app
  • Keep the light on your interviewee’s face

Capture great sound

  • Reduce external noise
  • Use an external microphone
  • Conduct a test recording
  • Check the settings of the audio recording app
  • Capture at least 30 seconds of natural sound

Before leaving the location

  • Check your footage and make sure you have all the shots you need
  • Pack your equipment and ensure you’ve left nothing behind

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