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Video Editing for Mobile Journalists

These apps are ideal for newcomers to mobile journalism. They are ideal for producing social videos and learning the fundamentals of professional video editing.
Here you will find high-end video editing and post-production apps ideal for using your smartphone to create complex television and online stories and for making documentaries.
This section is a guide to apps for adding titles, captions, and a logo to your finished video, and apps for automatic transcription and subtitling.
Music is a great way to add emotion and impact to a video. But where can you find royalty-free music online?
Television news packages follow a relatively similar formula for duration, format and style. Here is how to approach the editing process.
Can your production process be 'pure mojo' or do you need to transfer your work to a computer to prepare it for publication?
In 2018, iPhones accounted for less than 16 percent of the global smartphone market. So what is different in your 'mojo life' if you’re part of the global majority on Android?