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The mobile storytelling community

Thousands of journalists around the world already use smartphones to create content, and there are various online forums and events where you can get updates on apps, equipment and workflow, and share your work.

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Mobile journalism reading resources

If you enjoyed working with this Manual as a starting point for your mobile journalism journey, here are more resources to continue your learning.

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Training in mobile journalism

This Manual provides general guidance for getting started in mobile journalism. For advanced training and advice on apps, smartphone choice and newsroom workflows, we’re here to help.

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Mojo Manual – all the tutorials

Lots of tutorials are mentioned in this Manual. We’ve listed them all below.

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Check-list: Preparing for your shoot

The check-list below brings together all the tips from this Manual on preparing for a shoot.

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Check-list: Out in the field

The check-list below brings together all the tips in this Manual to keep in mind while shooting your story. 

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