ProShot (iOSAndroid): Turns your smartphone camera into a little DSLR by giving you Auto, Program, Manual, and two fully configurable Custom modes and full manual control over exposure, ISO, shutter speed and white balance. Also does timelapse. Shoots jpeg, RAW and 4K videos. Here is a complete list of all features the app offers for Android, iPhones and even Windows phones. Watch here a Tutorial for ProShot.

VSCO (iOS / Android): Another excellent photography app with a good range of controls over features normally found in a DSLR.

Snapseed (iOS / Android): A professional photo editor owned by Google with a great variety of options. Details on how it works can be found here.


Google Street View (iOS / Android): A perfect starter into 360° photos. The free app allows you not only to search and view 360° photography but to record your own 360° photos. Those images can be taken on your phone shared and embedded into  websites.

Video recording

Filmic Pro (iOS / Android): The most advanced app for filming video on a smartphone, with full control over focus, exposure, white balance, audio levels, microphone choice and more. But as most professional apps it is not for free. Watch here a Tutorial for Filmic Pro.

Kinomatic (iOS only): Kinomatic offers a high level of control over your filming. It costs less than Filmic Pro. Watch here a Tutorial for Kinomatic.

Open Camera (Android only): Open Camera is a free, open source app for Android phones. Watch here a Tutorial for Open Camera.

Cinema 4K (Android only): A powerful Android-only app with manual control of focus, exposure, white balance and other important features. Watch here a  Tutorial for Cinema 4K.

Cinema FV-5 (Android only): This app gives you control over focus, exposure, ISO, white balance and other core filming functions.

Lapse it (iOS / Android): One of the best time lapse video capture apps, with the ability to film up to 1080p on the Pro version. No restrictions for capture length or frames.

Multi-track video editing

LumaFusion (iOS only): The most advanced video editing app currently available, designed to mimic most of the functions of professional desktop editors including multi-track editing, key-framing, colour adjustment, and support for branded fonts and graphics. Export at multiple frame-rates makes it suited to PAL and NTSC countries for television journalism. Here is a video tutorial for LumaFusion and here is link to their 200-page text guide.

KineMaster (iOS / Android): Most advanced multi-track video editing app for Android phones. Supports audio editing, addition of captions, titles and logo, and export at 25fps and 30fps, making it suitable for television journalism in both NTSC and PAL countries. Requires subscription payment to remove watermark. Watch here a Tutorial for KineMaster (for Android users).

iMovie (iOS only): A free video editing app for iPhones which integrates with the more powerful desktop version of iMovie for Mac. Exports at 30fps only. Watch here a Tutorial for iMovie.

PowerDirector (Android only): Reliable alternative to KineMaster on Android phones. Allows you to add titles, captions and a logo. Export at 30fps only. Watch here a Tutorial for PowerDirector.

Simple social video editing apps

Quik (iOS / Android):  Quik is a simple yet powerful app for editing videos for social platforms and websites. It offers square, portrait and landscape settings, a wide range of royalty-free music, and the ability to add titles. Here is a Tutorial for Quik, and here is the user guide.

Animoto (iOS / Android): You can add photos or video clips from your Camera Roll, iCloud, or Facebook account, select a preset video style, choose a song from the built-in music library or upload your own, add captions and text slides. Easy and quick. Free app, but also available with more features as subscription model. Watch here a Tutorial for Animoto.

Apple Clips (iOS only): This superb app from Apple offers pre-made title cards, fun filters, speech-to-text captions and many more features for producing elegant social videos quickly. Watch here a Tutorial for Clips.

Splice (iOS only): A surprisingly powerful app with moderate multi-track features, including the ability to add a voiceover and music, and basic titles. Watch here a Tutorial for Splice.

VideoLeap (iOS only): A relatively new app with high-end functions. Add videos, text and images to your video, use masking and blending, key framing and chroma key compositing. Watch here a Tutorial for VideoLeap.

FilmoraGo (iOS / Android): It allows you to add captions, a logo and other elements to your video, and it works on iOS and Android.

Movie Maker (Android only): A simple editing app for Android phones, with the ability to add captions.

Adding titles, captions and logos

Gravie (iOS only): Allows you to add captions, a logo and artwork to your video. Branded font import is not supported. Watch here a Tutorial for Gravie.

DIY Subtitle (iOS only): An iOS app that allows you to add captions, a logo and artwork. Less intuitive than Gravie, but free.

Movie Maker (Android only): A useful app for adding logos and captions to a video on Android phones. It’s also a simple video editing app.

Phonto (iOS / Android): This app allows you to caption your video with in-app fonts, and to import branded fonts used at your media outlet.

Audio recording

RecForge Lite (Android only): An excellent audio recording app that saves high-quality WAV files. Watch here a Tutorial for RecForge.

Voice Record Pro (iOS only): A powerful audio recording app that saves high quality WAV files and offers basic trimming tools. Watch here a Voice Record Pro user guide.

Audio editing

Ferrite (iOS only): This app records audio, and also offers a fully-functional audio multitrack editor. It is widely used by radio reporters. Check out here a Ferrite tutorial playlist.

AudioEvolution (Android only): The Ferrite equivalent for Android, regarding multi-track audio editing.

n-Track (Android only): Another Android-only editing app with similar functions and options like Ferrite. Watch here all Tutorials for n-Track.


Legend (iOS / Android): Generates animated text for adding to photos and videos. Watch here a Tutorial for Legend.

Adobe Spark Post (iOS only): Adds text and applies design filters to your photos and creates graphics to share on social platforms. Animates photos, e.g. for your instagram stories. Watch here a Tutorial for Adobe Spark Post.

Mayu (iOS only): Free alternative to Adobe Spark Post. Creates animated text and effects.

Wizibel (iOS only): This app creates an animated wave form to add to a single image or slide show. Watch here a Tutorial for Wizibel.

Even more apps!

If you’re keen to try out more apps, we recommend exploring this huge iOS app list from Glen Mulcahy, or this iOS app list from Matthias Suessen, or this great selection of Android apps from Bernhard Lill.

Download our app list here.