Video stories that aren’t going on television have tremendous flexibility in format, duration and style. Make sure you use strong footage to keep your audience watching – and be creative!

Audience behaviour on social media is very different to watching scheduled news. Your story must grab the viewer’s attention within three seconds and remain interesting, to stop your audience from scrolling on to the next post in their timeline.

This means social videos can be as short as a few seconds, and rarely longer than five minutes. Videos for social media platforms may also be landscape, square or portrait, and they often make use of dramatic captions and music for added effect.

This gives you tremendous freedom in how you approach telling your story. Here are some examples.

A traditional television-style package with a voiceover

A social package that uses captions and music instead of a voiceover

Dramatic raw footage without captions

A short, powerful excerpt from an interview or speech

An animated audiogram with an image for online audio

A combination of images, video and audio

A vertical video about social action

Apps for social videos

There’s a huge range of apps you can use to achieve the same or similar effects as the videos above to make your story stand out. Learn more in our apps section.