Get inspiration from professional story artists and photographers and see how they create powerful visuals by thinking in advance of framing and composition.

Shapes and framing

Dean Kelly, story artist at Disney’s Pixar Studios, demonstrates how important shapes and framing are for visual stories and what else you can do to create powerful images.

If you like Dean’s advice, you can learn more from the story artists at Pixar’s about visual storytelling here.


Steve McCurry, a former National Geographic’s photographer, has 9 composition tips that can help you think about each shot more carefully. Make sure you make a difference – long before you press ‘record’.

Best practise: Mojo sequences in action

So you’ve learned how to capture a range of shots, and how to plan and film a sequence. This playlist of videos from RTE News have all been shot and edited on a smartphone. In this selection from the playlist, see how many shots you can spot, and how it has been edited to create a powerful mojo story.