When you finish editing your video, you might want to add titles, captions and a logo to give your work a professional appearance. Here are some apps to help you achieve that.

Do it all in LumaFusion (iOS only)

LumaFusion is a professional video editing app that mimics the functions of desktop software like Premiere Pro and Final Cut Pro X. As well as comprehensive multi-track editing, you can add titles, captions, and a semi-transparent logo, without leaving the app. Here is a tutorial to get you started:

It’s also possible to import branded fonts into LumaFusion. Here is a tutorial explaining how to do this:

KineMaster also allows you to add titles, captions and a logo. Although it works on both iOS and Android phones, we have included it below under Android apps. The paid version has no watermark.

Another method is to edit your video in iMovie. You can add titles, but to add captions and a logo you’ll need a different app. You can use a paid app like Vont which has in-app fonts and the ability to import fonts from your media outlet, or a free app like DIY Subtitle which provides a limited range of in-app fonts.

KineMaster and PowerDirector both allow you to add titles, captions and a logo without leaving the app. KineMaster does not support custom fonts, but PowerDirector does. Here’s a tutorial explaining how to add custom fonts in PowerDirector:

PowerDirector and KineMaster are both subscription-based apps, which makes them expensive over time, unless you’re happy with the watermark on their free versions. At the current time, there are no multi-track editing apps for Android phones that do not involve paying a subscription fee.

Free apps for adding captions and a logo on Android phones include FilmoraGo for Android, or Movie Maker – both of which provide a limited range of in-app fonts.